Numb, or not.

Every dam day…

Just when I think I’ve become ‘numb’ to what’s happening in my adopted country, these stories and photos are released of rape, mass murder, and mutilation in Bucha, Hostomel and Irpin

I’ve personally been to these places, walked the streets, visited restaurants etc.

They are satellite cities of Kyiv. Basically a Ipswich of Brisbane, Gelong of Melbourne, or the Orewa of Auckland.

I’m going to paste a few quotes here that I read just this morning, maybe, just maybe you might get an idea of the pure evil thats being released on Ukraine, beautiful, vibrant, peaceful Ukraine.

“One of the mass graves in Bucha. We saw civilians’ bodies littered in the streets and dumped behind buildings. Most with gunshot wounds to the head. Some with their hands tied behind their backs. Evidence of war crimes that took place during the Russian occupation of the town.”

“He told me to give him [oral sex]. The whole time he held the gun near my temple or put it into my face. Twice he shot at the ceiling and said it was to give me more ‘motivation’,” a female victim, raped by a Russian soldier, told”

“I shot your husband because he was a Nazi,” the gunman told her, before he and the other soldier raped her, as her 4-year-old son sobbed in a boiler room next door”

“There was some grandpa, he was walking with his wife, they were about to cross the street, they were stopped by some Russians. You know how these old men are, just like to talk back and stuff. So they just shot him, and to the woman they said: ‘You just keep walking.’ She rushed to her husband and started crying, and they said: ‘If you want to lay next to him, we can shoot you too.’ She told them she needed to take the body, but they said: ‘No, just keep walking.’ And she kept on walking, crying and walking. It happened next to a McDonald’s

Please my friends, don’t forget this war. It’s only a millimetre from becoming WW3.


Not a single dam day.

There isn’t a single dam day where either Sasha or myself aren’t reduced to tears…

When updating ourselves on what’s happening in one of Ukraine’s most embattled cities (Mariupol) I read about a few children who managed to escape…

Great I think! Some good news…

Only to read this

“Another boy,” says the doctor, “a six-year-old, with shrapnel in his skull described – without any tears or emotion – watching his mother burn to death in their car after it was hit.”

And then I read about a gorgeous 15 year old girl, who had her leg blown off, by a bomb from Putin’s Orcs.

I genuinely can’t describe the hatred this man deserves.

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