An Ukrainian thought experiment for Australians.

While we have started building our Arks here in Brisbane (Its flooding), I thought I might try and provide some more ‘reality’ to this invasion in Ukraine for the Aussies.

A few mates of mine have asked me about sizes and distances, and I can see their point when trying to relate to what’s happening to Ukraine.

So, lets do a thought experiment, and pretend that Brisbane (I know its geography the best) is the capital of Australia, and that it has a area of land the size of Ukraine around it. (Although even just QLD is 3 times bigger than Ukraine!)

Brisbane has been shelled, bombed and attacked with cruise missiles for 3 days and nights now, just the piercing sound of the air raid siren now makes you physically sick, and will bring nightmares for decades to come.

Russian saboteurs are always a threat, they sneak into the city at night, sometimes wearing civilian clothes, and try to take out the only things that are destroying at least some of the missiles trying to kill you, our air defence system.

We repeated ask New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and US for help, but they refuse to send a single troop, or even just help protect our skies so the bombing might stop.

This is really confusing, because from your point of view this isn’t just about two countries at war, this is about what’s fundamentally right and wrong.

The parallels with the Nazi invasion and the beginning of WW2 are striking. You just cant understand why your powerful ‘Allies’ cant see this, and are leaving your country to defend itself. Collectively I don’t think Australia will ever forgive them.

Thousands are now basically living in the Clem 7 tunnels, bringing what food they can and camping out with what small amount of equipment they were able to carry. Even a baby has been born there.

Cruise missiles have made direct strikes on apartment buildings (With people still in there) at Fortitude valley and West end. Loss of life.

When you see a TV, the ABC and SBS are showing you how to correctly make Molotov cocktails so that when the Enemy maggots come knocking on your door, the neighbourhood can at least try to defend itself.

On the northern border at Noosa (Yes, its that close!) Tanks, Artillery, Troops, and even tracked vehicles with massive hyperbaric missiles(fire bombs) are crossing over from Russia (Belarus) in waves so big your mind shuts down trying to think about it.

They have already made it as far south as Mooloolaba, and seem to be heading directly for Brisbane.

South, at the Gold coast airport, is were some of the fiercest ground fighting has happened. The Russians sent Paratroopers and elite Chechen troops in Helicopters to take it. But our SAS troops have managed to retake and defend it…for now.

If the Russians do manage the hold the airport at any point, you understand that it will be wholesale slaughter in Brisbane as the short range, but far more powerful bombs and artillery will have a foot hold close to the capital.

There has also been massive incursions, shelling, bombing and missiles on our southern, ocean facing border at Coffs Harbour, but we have been able to defend and push back the Russians for now, even thou they have over 5 times the Soldiers and tanks than we do.

Massive amounts of people decided to push west to places they thought would be safe. Sadly the Russians have also been bombing and killing people from Toowoomba, all the way to our border at St George.

At this point, the sirens start to sing again, you grab your wife, and your two baby daughters, bunker down and seethe with hatred at your enemy. Who were your mates, The Russians.

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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Ukraine, you are in our hearts. WE ARE WITH YOU.'

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